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There is no such thing as a 'normal' vagina, scientists conclude in the largest study ever of vulvas.

GynecologistDr Kenneth Levey, MD of Maiden Lane Medical Speaking to

"any attempt to identify a 'normal average' vagina is 'concerning', and warned that the boom in labiaplasties could have grave ramifications for generations to come. 

'The experience of a woman in association with the appearance and feel of her labia is very subjective. There is no way to create an objective standard around it,' Dr. Levey said.

'That is why insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures unless there's a medical reason for it - it's completely subjective.  

'I've had patients that might look "normal" but they say riding a bike is very, very uncomfortable and after the operation to shorten their labia minora, they felt much better. That is a medical issue. 

'But what about a patient that doesn't have any of those symptoms? They should be counseled that there is no "normal", and there is a serious medical downside to all surgeries, from pain to scarring to nerve damage.'

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Do We Really Need To Use Special Eye Cream, Or Is It A Scam?


Dr. Fitzgeraldo Sanchez, director of dermatology at Maiden Lane Medical Group in New York interviewed in Huffington Post.


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Is There Actually Any Way to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections?

We have some excellent news.

Find out what our very own Dr.Kaufman says in 

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Ever wonder what affect hair dye has on pregnancy? Click the article below to find out

Is Dyeing Your Hair When You’re Pregnant Really That Bad? Doctors Weigh In


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